Saturday, 27 August 2016


To those that disbelieve 
The " new" fridge door
( see previous post)
Thank god John Lewis delivers

Sod's law

I wasn't going to blog today, not enough time.
Working the next two night shifts, finished some gardening today and by the shopping was done and the animals fed and my arse lathered in aloe vera........ I was just having a sneaky five minutes sitting on the toilet with my ipad before going to bed when there was an almighty crash from the kitchen.
" The fridge door has just fallen off!" The Prof bellowed
And by the time I got downstairs he was manfully trying to keep the dogs away from a mound of broken bottles, spilt jams and preserves, milk and what looked suspiciously like splattered mustard after the top part of the fridge freezer had collapsed into the centre of the kitchen floor
" My life is shit!" Moaned the Prof
Bless him

Friday, 26 August 2016

As A Crisp!

This afternoon.....I fell asleep with my head inside our beach tent
.....but with my " builder's crack " in full sun
This evening The Prof has been applying aloe vera liberally to the affected parts
It's very painful

The Beach Tent Row

i bought a beach tent from Aldi yesterday
And we had the customary public row about how to put it up on Colwyn Bay beach this afternoon.
Lovely to be back on the sand again
And we have wify too!

Thursday, 25 August 2016


The older I get, the easier I find I can access my assertion/anger button
Some of that comes from experience and confidence.
Some of that comes out of need.
and some of it comes from the way businesses feel that they can treat the general public like shit

Today, I've been waiting for a  Customer Relations Person to call me and every time the phone has rung, it has been someone else on the line......This has proved to be somewhat galling given that just before I picked up the receiver, I have psyched myself for a bit of a verbal joust
( a case of too much testosterone with no outlet)

Finally, a rather prim Mz Beale called me, ( 5 hours after I was promised a call) and I was just about to let rip when I let out an uncensored and unchecked scream of " nnnnnoooooooooooooooooo! "
I lost all credibility.
Out of the corner of my eye, I had caught Albert placing two very heavy paws right into a newly gloss painted  window ledge.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Bake Off

Three posts in one day? Bloody hell
I had to leave things on a lighter note, what with Sad George and French Birka overkill dominating today's posts
The bake off is back!
And hats off to the BBC for finding another 12 delightful contestants
We have a feisty PE teacher, a vicar, a ditsy grandma, a sweet natured boffin, a potentially arrogant banker ...and best of all a camp-as -Christmas Sikh Queen who was seen skipping around the bake off tent like a middle aged Harvey Feirstein
Wonderful stuff


The sight of four French policemen " requesting" that a Muslim sunbather remove her makeshift " Burkini" on a Nice beach, saddened me greatly today.
It reminded me of when my best friend Nu worked in Saudi Arabia.
Then the religious police stalked the streets looking for women who had not covered themselves with their abaya properly and were not adverse in swinging their sticks to maintain public modesty.
The "need to do something" after the dreadful terrorism in France is understandable

Meatballs On the Dashboard

I am aware that I haven't given you all an update on George since we got home.
Today seems to be "George Day" so I shall endeavour to rectify this somewhat.
The truth is that there seems to be no real news at the moment.
On the surface, the old boy is well. The foul smelling lump under his jaw is receding in size and odour and he is still three quarters the way through his antibiotics.
He is eating well, and looking bright but I am not blind to the fact that he probably has something sinister lurking around his jaw, and in various lumps and bumps over his body.
He is an old dog, and after his course of medication we shall consult the vet yet again for guidance.
In the meantime, he is having some nice George time.
Today he came with me to B& Q
He sat on his own towel ( and cushion) on the passenger seat and felt very spoilt as he could look through the windscreen without hindrance.
He was bought his very own pack of chicken meatballs ( his absolute fav treat) and was fed four ,( one hiding his morning antibiotic tablet,) in the car park as he happily watched people ambling around with their shopping trolleys.
And he was taken to the beach promenade for his very own, uninterrupted and unhurried mooch from one fascinating piss mark to another .

I need to prep and paint the front door today.
There is washing in need of hanging up and all of the other animals are stamping their little feet for attention.
But for one peace filled hour,
I sat with my grey eyed old scottie
just him and me on a beach facing bench.
Sharing cheap meatballs.