Sunday, 24 September 2017

Pie Making and Paul Temple

What it should look like

It's the little things that perk you up me thinks.
Today was a case in point.
I've not felt like blogging for a few days ( hence the lazy posts) there has been nothing major to report, just little to write about.
Life gets like that sometimes.
This morning I am just about to make an Italian potato crust pie for lunch whilst listening to reruns of Paul Temple and the Gregory Affair on iplayer.  The Prof has been writing in his study since before dawn.
I have learnt an age ago that Academics often work better creatively in the early mornings.
I cannot speak before 6 am.
At 11 am as I was walking the dogs I spied a young boy of about ten on the village green. He was collecting dead wood from the shrubbery and was placing it into a waste bin. I realised that he thought that the volunteers that I had called for weeding duties was this week instead of next which was a shame
I had not seen him before but I thanked him for coming and promised him extra cake if he turned up next Sunday.
In this busy world , where no one has the time for volunteering , it was nice to see one little boy making an effort.
My " more rustic" pie

Saturday, 23 September 2017


She's nearly 60!
It was all strangely hypnotic 

A Blind Old Dog

My old boy having a hug
He's the sweetest old dog I have ever had
He breaks my heart

Friday, 22 September 2017

No News

Mary accompanied me on the bus today.
We went to collect the car.
Mary loves the bus and No longer gets bus sick.
You may recall that the first time she went, she barfed into the leg pocket of my combat trousers

Animal helper Pat caught the bus too. She is suffering from macular degeneration so cannot now recognise people until they speak, but she remains cheerful and positive and uncomplaining .
She's a brave adorable lady.

Later in the day I bumped into policewoman Jo, who was out with her two greyhounds. They had matching blue leather coats on with fur lined trim. I told her that they looked like Joan and Jackie Collins.

The Prof's had a hard and busy day and is dozing in the arm chair.
I prepared Thai dumplings for supper

Speaking of dumplings

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Why I Love Dogs

This photo pleased me today.
The sight of four farm dogs leading their stranded livestock to high ground after the hurricane floods in Florida brought a smile to my face! Enjoy


According to my fitbit, I took over 20,000 steps yesterday.
Today I will be stir crazy as I am waiting for our new dining table to be delivered. As I wait I shall be shampooing the living room carpet.
It's a case of the real world muffling excitement today me thinks.
To cap it all , it's raining buckets.

Today the world seems very claustrophobic and small.
In a few weeks, it will feel a whole lot bigger.
New York in early November
I hope the trees in Central Park will be still in leaf

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Window Art- Workman/Winnie Update

I'm waiting for a chap to arrive who will measure up the new kitchen window.
It's on the lane side of the cottage and used to be the top bit of the original kitchen door.
The workman has been here before. He is the cheerful one who is frightened of dogs.

Originally I wanted to incorporate this simple bit of glass art into the window itself.
We bought it from a small art shop in Broadstairs and I thought it rather sweet.
It looks lovely with the sun shining through it

Postscript: The window guy turned up after lunch. I met him at the kitchen door with Mary in my arms.
He looked round me at William and George who were wagging their tails at him
" Have you still got the big one?" he asked nervously
" She's upstairs in bed!" I told him " come in" 
The window guy got out his tape measure and moments later was kneeling on the kitchen work top sizing up window with a practised eye.
"You want the window to open inwards don't you? " he asked rather loudly and from upstairs there was a massive thud of bulldog feet on floorboards.
Winnie had heard him.
The workman looked at me suddenly
" Brace Yourself" I told him.
I noticed that he was very slow to get down from the worktop and moments later Winnie thundered into the kitchen puffing like a steam train .
On seeing the workman she launched herself against the worktop with her paws on the drawers and demanded a kiss.
" she's a big bastard!" He laughed patting Winnie on the head.
But he didn't get off the worktop until I pulled her away to the other side of the kitchen!

Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Wetting panties

Slimy , 6 am Nipples

The 6 am dog walk is no fun.
It's purely a necessity.
Old dogs have small bladders and they need their wees even when it is still dark outside.
Having said this, so do I nowadays.

After abulutions, and as the Prof is tucking into his eggy breakfast we all troop silently through the cottage back to bed.
George now finds the stairs a bit of a chore, so has his own fur lined cushion in the kitchen, but the others with Albert in tow arrange themselves around me on the duvet for a lie in.

There is always a brief " bunfight" where the animals vie for the best position next to me and Winnie invariably chances her hand and carefully lowers her undercarriage onto my fingers in the vain hope for a brief belly rub.
I don't indulge her. The sensation of a slimy mass of bald nipples literally turns my stomach!
A fact that wouldn't surprise any of you I suppose.

Winnie's nipples can often be a talking point when we are out and about, as they almost drag on a floor as she walks. Her belly resembles a plastic carrier bag that's filled with porridge so it is clear to all that she has given birth to at least two litters of puppies.
Bulldog puppies are often removed from their mothers at birth to be hand reared.
Bulldog mothers can be clumsy it is thought, and at up to two thousand pounds a puppy, breeders often don't take the chance of an accidental smothering.
This is such a shame as I think Winnie would have made a super mother.
Her nipples are her battle scars.
Scars of a mother who never knew the joy of her own puppies.

Monday, 18 September 2017

One Hour Of Your Time

This blog entry is mainly targeted at village readers, but I guess it could have a resonance to everyone as it is about collective responsibility and a sense of community.
For many years many of the green areas of Trelawnyd have been tended to by the village conservation group and by individuals off their own bat.
The village green in front of the pensioner bungalows has been a picture , what with it's flowering shrubs and lavender borders and the flower bed next to the Church has looked rather pretty for many years, but the volunteer problems  we have seen so much in Samaritans and other such charities recently has also visited the village volunteer groups too and so some of the green areas of Trelawnyd are now looking a little tired.
I am mindful of not stepping on any toes here, as I know that there is a villager who is thinking of re-booting the Conservation group again, but I have had an idea that it would be useful to call a few volunteers together say one Sunday morning to prune and to weed and to tidy up the beds and shrubs just for one hour only! 
I'll bring cream cakes! 
Drop me a message if you are interested! 

Sunday, 17 September 2017

What Do You Smell Of?

My grandmother smelled of cold cream and carbolic soap
Mary smells of clean, clean dog! 
The Prof always smells fresh with the hint of an expensive Cologne
Auntie Glad smelled of baking
I smell of ( on my best behaviour )
Clinique " Happy" 

What do you smell of?  
Big Daddy hated the smell of mendacity as I recall
( and please dont say you smell of fear, sex or sweat!)


According to my fitbit, I had 5 hours 15 minutes of restless sleep
( Incidently the Welsh word for sleep is cysgu -pronounced cus- gee)

I wonder why?