Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Being Caught Unawares

In just a few days we have celebrated Mothering Sunday and Sorrel's birthday.
It's kind of " mother" overload, which is strange as my own mother died back in 2002.
Last night we all flopped in the living room to watch tv after a rather impressive meal out at the Chester  Grosvenor. The channel 4 documentary 24 Hours In A&E was on which proved to be somewhat of a busman's holiday for me and a rather gruesome spectacle for Sorrel.

One story featured a " before and after" moment with a prickly and somewhat lonely old lady called Wendy who had shattered her ankle after falling at home.

She was feisty, opinionated bordering on rude, brittle and at times incredibly vulnerable as we watched her negotiate the frightening world of being a patient.
Dovetailing the shots of her medical care, we got to glimpse the " real"  Wendy. Her hair brushed up and back, a neat little pullover covering thin shoulders, she talked about her previous two husbands with a mixture of righteous indignation and sad regret and tempered this with the brittle repartee so evident in her casualty clips.
It was clear that she had probably given the producers a run for their money.

It struck me that I was, in fact, looking at my mother, and immediately I told The Prof and Sorrel so for the similarity between Wendy and my mother was so striking that I was amused, and suddenly rather moved by it all.
I had literally seen a ghost and although I made light of the programme, and the similarities between Wendy and my mother, I found myself turning my head away from the rest of the living room............... with my eyes gently stinging.

Monday, 27 March 2017

" Beach Balled sized Lady Nuts"

Things are cranking up nicely towards next week's wartime finale as The Walking Dead's narrative underlines that no one is "mr nice guy" in this brave new world.
Oceanside is nearly on board with " Team Rick"
Sasha is down but not out
Rosita has brought Dwight back into Alexandria to help,
Eugene is an asswipe
And a ton of redshirts are being set up to die next week, which is a shame as new characters such as Oceanside's resident dyke Beatrice and Polynesian Cyndie are rather more interesting than some of the main characters like Aaron and the vapid Eric.

Cheap Date

Dipping crackers into cream cheese and leaving crumbs
Farting loudly in the bath and enjoying the increase of  the foam layer.
Sucking chocolate from a chocolate finger
Popping bubble wrap,
Sitting in the dark with a layer of thick face cream on
Burping after too much diet coke
Lying in your own field looking up at the sky,
Reading the news during a long bowel movement on the loo,
My queeny toy being watched very closely by an interested bulldog
Mushy peas on toast,
Realising that you are the only person in the cinema
Having your toes licked by a dog,
Tinned peaches and evaporated milk,
Clean sheets and cool pillowcases,
Laughing at a private joke,
Lying in bed after a particularly horrendous night shift while your husband and mother in law are out shopping for the day

All nice things that cost next to nothing

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Wandering Lonely as a cloud.

Sorrel amid the daffs

The meadows at Bodnant Gardens are filled nose- to- nipple with yellow daffodils, which is a stunning sight when viewed in situ so to speak.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

It's A Knockout!

Between Winnie and Mary,  Sorrel has suffered the onslaught of cups of coffee knocked from hands, masturbation on slippers , giant paws bashing perfectly well coiffured outfits and food stolen from plates when her  back has been turned..
At various points in the day,loud  shrieks can be regularly heard as Welsh terrier gleefully ambushes old lady as she potters around at her ablutions.
It's great sport!
Sorrel is not really a dog lady

I shall leave you with this old blog post from a few years ago...I know it's lazy blogging but it made me laugh when I re read it....it kind of captures Sorrel so well

The Prof made himself comfortable as Sorrel and I had a chat about nothing....these "nothing"conversations drive him to distraction.......which makes them even more entertaining.
Sorrel " I love slices mango and melon"
John: " Do you?........I am a bit partial to pineapple chunks myself"
Sorrel: " Really?"
The Prof " harrumphs" at this point.
John " yes......especially tinned pineapples"
Sorrel" thats strange, I would have thought you'd go for fresh

Brief silence

Sorrel: " Do you like raspberries John?"
John " I've gone off them a bit "
Sorrel " hum"
John:" they are a bit bland, the ones from the supermarket"

Sorrel " What about strawberries?"
The Prof then sighs very loudly and shifts in his deck chair
John" Oh I love stawberries ! ........"
Sorrel " I love them too"
Prof ( under his breath ) " oh For fuck's sake"

Long silence

Sorrel " John......what Are your thoughts on passion fruit?"
The Prof screaming into the wind " OH MY GOD........I WAS ADOPTED!!!!!!"

Friday, 24 March 2017

Mother In Law " sitting"

Selfies on Llandudno Pier

A Wonderful World

The Prof is busy at work today and so I am entertaining the mother in law.
A Garden Centre, a trip to a vintage clothes store in an attempt to sell some of her Victorian clothes and lunch out at a rather nice restaurant is the order of the day.
I'll post a selfie of us later! 
In the meantime have a look at this video taken in the village hall recently.
It's a clip of Chelsea Cameron, the daughter of Sandra who is the Hall's caretaker and winner of the Best in Show at The Trelawnyd Flower Show.
Chelsea has a lovely voice and it a bit of a star in the village.
Given the bad news in London recently, the title of this song couldn't be better chosen.
Sit back and enjoy 

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Operation Dog Snot Removal and Other Thoughts.

A week ago  I walked up from Westminster Pier and into the sunshine which bathed Big Ben. It was 2pm in the afternoon.
Oh for the grace of " something" go I!  
Today, London is back to business and that is how it should be. 

Today, we have spring sun here in Trelawnyd, and there are a few more people to be seen, which is nice. Trendy Carol, sprightly after a recent holiday , had a nice jacket on I noted and as we stopped for George to catch up with us after his mooch on the village green , I watched a woman cut her partner's toenails as they sat in a nearby conservatory! A surreal little moment of normality as I mused over the fact that over a dozen nationalities were caught up in The Westminster attack.

" Operation Dog Snot Removal" is in full force .
Sorrel, the mother in law, comes to stay later today.

I was hanging her newly laundered duvet cover over the field gate to dry when Sailor John reminded me that I needed to organise the first of this year's Flower Show meeting. I had just received the invoice for the Church linens which some of the Flower Show's profits will be buying so it was on my mind anyway. We will be having the meetings in the Crown Pub this year, with all of us mourning Auntie Glad's kitchen table get togethers as we do so. 

Mrs Trellis was out in the sunshine as I fed corn to the bachelor bantams , we talked about yesterday's London attack and her response was the best I have heard over the last 24 hours.
With her oversized bobblehat bobbing from side to side, she summed up her thoughts thus
" Worrying about it is like sitting in a rocking chair all afternoon! .....it gives you something to do but it gets you nowhere!" 
Wise words.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Clean Sheets

Sometimes a patient just cannot rest.......it often happens when they are dying.
You have administered all the medications you can. You have turned them into a more comfortable position. You have talked to them, held their hand, Watered them , and soothed them but still their restlessness continues and that makes you frustrated and helpless and the family fraught and pained.

There is something that can be done at times like these, and I was reminded of this when a dear friend shared their observations on the subject this morning.
You wash your patient, and you change the bed sheets.
There is something fundamental in this simple act of care, as in some strange way, the simple feeling of clean skin, damp hair that is combed and brushed and crisp clean sheets under a tired body that transports you to Sunday childhood bedtimes after bath time.

Rest hopefully will come then, often when dawn is breaking.
The power of crisp clean sheets.

Women of The Walking Dead

Sasha and Rosita

At the start of The Walking Dead , the women's roles were generally supportive to the men. in that way the series mirrored The disaster movie formula of the 1970s where women were decorative, weak and in need of saving.
Now in series seven, the zombie apocalypse has seen a blossoming of woman power as the likes of Maggie takes the leadership role in  Hilltop and Jadis and the women of Oceanside effectively run the two other communities adjacent to the saviour stronghold.
Carol, now out of her fugue is effectively second in command in Kingdom , Michonne remains a born warrior and Rick's main support in Alexandria and Rosita, a sexy stereotype from the comics has now been given a more substantial backstory where she admits teaming up with men, not for protection they may offer but for the skills they could teach her in survival. " Sex was a bonus" she tells Sasha, underlining that any " using" was done by her and not by the men , now all deceased.
It's an interesting twist.
In team Rick the women now outnumber the men ( a fact that doesn't bode well for Sasha) and with Jesus coming out...we now have four gay characters in the storylines too!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The Boys are back in town

 The three bachelor bantams that I thought had a new home a few months ago have returned to the Ukranian Village after pissing off their new owners with a show of Drama queen behaviours.
Worthy of three Joan Crawfords at a cocktail party.
Older with their tiny bodies full of testosterone, each one has tested me with a miniature  show of I'm in charge but I was on nights again last night so I was in no mood for histrionics and each one got slapped down with a show of force when sharp little feathered feet started to tantrum.